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Inventia is adept at developing and manufacturing solid oral drug delivery systems of several therapeutic agents
Technology Commercialized Under Development
Oral Controlled Release
Orally Disintegrating Tablets
Gastro Protection
Gastro Retention
Taste Masking Formulation
Topical Formulations
Oral Suspension
Bioavailability Enhancement
Pulsatile Drug delivery
Site Specific Delivery
Our expertise stems from our ability to evaluate a compound’s physicochemical properties and its pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic characteristics. Using this knowledge, we can pro-actively engineer novel drug release profiles that can improve a drug's therapeutic performance and further enhance the market potential of our products.
Drug Delivery Technologies and Platforms
Inventia is adept at developing and manufacturing solid oral drug delivery systems of several therapeutic agents intended to identify and assess product opportunities which -
  • Enable proper use-through approaches such as bioavailability or stability enhancement.
  • Enhance effectiveness, safety and convenience–through reduction of dose frequency and side-effects.
  • Expand applications-through novel drug delivery approaches.
Our innovative drug delivery technologies enable design of novel dosage forms that contain more than one active each with tailored drug release characteristics, and are more patient-friendly e.g. taste masked ODT of therapeutic agents for immediate or modified-release. This enables effective life cycle management and the enhancement of product life.

Our technology strengths cover the following drug delivery platforms –
  • Controlled drug delivery (tablets, multi-particulates and capsules).
  • MUPS technology for modified drug delivery.
  • Multilayer tablet technology.
  • Taste masked orodispersible tablets (for immediate or modified drug delivery).
  • Gastroretentive drug delivery.
  • Enhanced bioavailability (tablets, multiparticulates, ODTs).
Controlling Drug Delivery/Matrix Tablet Formulations
Inventia has the expertise in developing controlled and/or modified-release oral formulations of a wide variety of drugs that -
  • Have varying physicochemical properties-ranging from practically insoluble to highly water soluble.
  • Are highly labile (acid/base susceptible, light/moisture sensitive, etc.) to those that are relatively stable.
  • Can be formulated alone or in combination with one or more other drugs each having differing drug release characteristics.
  • Can be formulated in a variety of modified-release matrices ranging from -
    • Size-expanding, swell-able slow first-order drug release matrix.
    • Size-reducing, erodible zero-order drug release matrix.
    • Size-retaining slow first-order drug release matrix.

  • Can be formulated as single-layer or multilayer matrix tablets each layer containing one or more drug(s) having different drug release and/or stability characteristics.

Pellets / Multiparticulate / Capsules
Inventia also has the development expertise for controlled and/or modified-release pellets or multi-particulate formulations for oral delivery and colon targeting of a wide variety of active ingredients that range from -
  • Drugs having varying physicochemical properties ranging from practically water-insoluble to highly water-soluble and those that are highly acid-labile or environment-labile to those that are relatively stable.
  • Drugs having specialized drug release profile to achieve a specific objective such as enteric-release, controlled-release, colon targeting, etc.
The technologies that are developed and adopted for preparing such modified release drug pellets (which are subsequently filled into capsules or compressed into tablets) include -

(a) Specialized methods and techniques for preparing core drug pellets such as-
  • Drug layering (in the form of solution, suspension or powder) on inert core, either in conventional or modified coating pan or fluid - bed equipments (top-spray or bottom-spray devices).
  • Wet granulation, extrusion and spheronization.
  • Melt granulation and spheronization.
(b) Specialized methods and techniques for preparing modified-release drug pellets such as -
  • Application of release-controlling membrane on drug pellets in devices such as-modified coating pan, and bottom or top spray fluid - bed devices.
  • Embedment of drug in polymeric dispersion for layering on inert cores in a fluid-bed device to prepare modified- release drug pellets.
Multiple-Unit Pellets System (MUPS)
Inventia's capabilities include developing MUPS formulation of several therapeutic agents that are intended for-
  • Taste masking (orodispersible MUPS tablets)
  • Enteric-release orodispersible MUPS (of acid-labile drugs).
  • Modified/controlled-release orodispersible MUPS of drugs for geriatric and/or paediatric patients.

The technology of preparing compacted MUPS ensures that the desired multiple objectives are effectively achieved, for e.g. taste masking coupled with orodispersible as well as modified - release characteristics.
Taste-masked Orodispersible or Melt-in-mouth Tablet Formulations
Inventia has successfully developed orodispersible tablet formulations of a wide variety of bitter and nauseous drugs. Drug dose ranging from few mg to few hundred milligrams have been developed as taste-masked orodispersible tablets. Such tablets are intended to improve patient compliance in children, old patients and patients who have difficulty in swallowing solid medicaments.

The drug incorporated in such taste-masked orodispersible tablets range from -
  • Drugs for immediate or conventional delivery
  • Drugs for delayed or enteric-release
  • Drugs for controlled-release.

Gastroretentive Drug Delivery Systems
Inventia also has the capability of successfully developing gastroretentive drug delivery systems of a wide variety of drugs with intent to offer applications and advantages such as -
  • Effective therapy of local diseases such as H. pylori infection with drugs such as antibiotics or acidity treatment with antacids and misoprostol.
  • Suitable for administering drugs having absorption window in stomach or upper part of small intestine, e.g. gabapentin, metformin, levodopa, riboflavin, etc.
  • Suitable for administering drugs unstable in intestine or colon e.g. captopril.
  • Reduction in variability in drug absorption which is commonly due to differences in gastric transit time.
  • Effective delivery of sparingly soluble and insoluble drugs or drugs having low solubility at intestinal pH e.g. diazepam.

Bioavailability Enhancement-Fast Dissolving Formulations of Poorly/Slowly Soluble Drugs
Inventia also possesses the capability of developing rapid dissolving solid oral formulations for enhancing the oral availability of poorly or slowly soluble and available BCS class II drugs.

Specialized technologies involved in developing and manufacturing such formulations include -
  • Solid dispersions
  • Nanoparticles

  Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)
  We believe that a strategic patent portfolio is vital to our company’s growth and we are continuously working towards enriching our product pool by providing it with effective and enforceable patent protection. Our mission is to build a strong patent portfolio for our in-house innovations and maximize its value by building products based on these patents.

Our patent portfolio contains more than seventy five patent applications worldwide. We have been awarded fifteen patents in India, two patents in the United States, two patents in Europe and one patent in South Korea.

Our patent portfolio includes patents directed to the product and process aspects of our in-house developed technologies. The patents cover specific drugs, class of drugs and/or combination of drugs.

Inventia's existing patent portfolio includes patents and pending patent applications that encompass the following technologies:
  • Extended Release Matrix type Drug Delivery System
  • Extended Release Reservoir type Drug Delivery System
  • Delayed Release Reservoir type Drug Delivery System
  • Differential Drug Release Delivery System for Combination of Drugs
  • Multiple Unit Particulate System
  • Taste Masking System
  • Orally Disintegrating System
  • Stability Enhanced Drug Delivery System
  • Topical Gel System

With plans to expand our patent portfolio by venturing into other drug delivery systems we envisage a bigger and diverse patent panorama in the future.

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