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Our areas of partnership cover contract research, co-development, licensing-in and licensing-out.

    Most of the leading pharmaceutical companies in the domestic market prefer a contract manufacturing arrangement. Inventia develops and manufactures products that are marketed by its business partners under their own trademarks and brand names. Often, we have more than one partner marketing the same product under their independent trademarks.

    Inventia develops products in-house based on its key proprietary technology platforms, which it offers for licensing out to partners for marketing and distribution.

    This area of partnership helps Inventia synergise its strength with that of its partners while jointly developing products of mutual interest.

    Under this arrangement, Inventia can license-in the product developed by another company and market it through our strong client base in the domestic market. Inventia is also open to explore options for licensing-in other technology platforms besides the oral NDDS.
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